Speaking Topics

Sara frequently speaks on a variety of topics, but some common speaking topics are listed here.

Developing an Optimistic Attitude

This workshop builds upon Sara’s recent TED talk “The Two Steps to Happiness.” The number one step is developing an optimistic attitude. Based on nearly 20 years of recent research in the field of positive psychology, we now know that individuals who operate with an optimistic explanatory style do better than their less optimistic counterparts in every realm of life including their careers and their relationships.


  • Learn the science behind optimism and how to measure your current level.
  • Learn proven techniques to help you become more optimistic.
  • Learn how to decrease self-blame and feelings of worry or helplessness.
  • Learn how to increase self-efficacy and belief in your own capabilities.

Building Strong Relationships

This workshop builds upon Sara’s recent TED talk “The Two Steps to Happiness.” The second most important step in creating a happy life is building strong relationships. Without strong relationships, it seems that happiness will always remain out of reach. This finding is consistent across all domains of positive psychology research: the happiest, most successful people all have in common strong and supportive relationships.


  • Learn how to build stronger relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Learn the “best practices” for communicating to improve relationships.
  • Clarify the “worst” communication habits which often sabotage relationships.
  • Learn techniques for enhancing the best opportunities for connection, and for thriving through the biggest challenges to connection.

Connecting with our Core Values

This course is designed to help you experience a deeper sense of self-esteem, well-being, and fulfillment. All of us organize our lives and evaluate ourselves based on a set of values. These values determine how we spend our time, make our decisions, and feel about ourselves. Unfortunately, it is most often the case that the values that we are organizing around are not our own.

During this workshop we will explore the ways in which we are currently evaluating ourselves (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and determine how much of the current system is helping us to live our most meaningful and fulfilling life. Finally we develop a list of core values that are personal, unique, and deeply important to us. We will discuss how we can reorganize life around our own core values and experience deeper levels of meaning and fulfillment.


  • Understand how you are currently evaluating yourself and organizing your life.
  • Clarify where your current system helps and where it harms you.
  • Replace your current system with a new system that is deeply personal, will consistently yield feelings of fulfillment, and will never diminish self-esteem.
  • Learn how to take power away from the old system and organize your life around your own core values.

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